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Name of model Weight(kg) Lifting Distance(m) Quantity Remark
Compact Type CSI-12 3~10kg 15m
CDI-15 3~15kg 10m
Hook up Type HSI-18 3~15kg 15m
HDI-25 6~25kg 10m
Heavy duty Type PSI-20 4~20kg 15m
PDI-35 8~35kg 10m
PSI-30 4~30kg 15m
PDI-50 8~50kg 10m
Super Heavy duty Type PFI-100 50~100kg 30m
PFI-200 60~200kg 20m
PFI-300 100~300kg 20m
PFI-500 100~500kg 15m
Link Type LSI-10C - 2m
LSI-10L 3~7kg 2m~
Smoke Detector FSI-2 - 15m
Remote Control Unit RCU    
Wireless Control Panel WCP    
LED Lighting RT-LED200    
Installation methods
  • - An additional charge for the control units.
  • - An additional charge for all the installation material.
  • - Installation work is not included.