Remote Lighting Lifter?

REEL TECH is the world's best company in lighting lifter industry.
Remote Lighting Lifter is...
Total maintenance solutions for high ceiling installed equipment such as luminaries, lighting systems, CCTVs, smoke detectors, display banners and more.
Prevention against electrical shock & falling
  • - Remote controlled lighting lifter(up down system) prevents against falling
    accident by removing maintenance and cleaning of lighting bulbs at high place.
  • - Remote controlled lighting lifter(auto lifting system) prevents from the electrical
    shocks during changing & cleaning of lighting bulbs as the electricity is
    automatically off during maintenance.
Energy saving effect
  • - Energy consumption saving by turning off unnecessary lighting with remote
    controller by individual or group from the long distance.
Maintenance cost saving effect
  • - Maintenance cost saving from hiring experts and/or rental equipment such as
    basket / ladder equipped crane or trucks for high place work.